About Hannah

Is this a travel blog? A life blog? I'm calling it a Travife blog.

Who I Was:

Someone who loved travel and worked for an awesome travel company right out of college. Working in sales, selling trips sitting at a desk in Boston. I was getting to travel about once a year, but had an itch that I couldn’t scratch. I wasn’t settled, I needed more.

Who I Became:

A Remote Year participant. Getting accepted onto the second Remote Year program was a dream come true. This program allowed us to travel and work for a year. I mean, it couldn’t really get any better. We were set to spend four months in South America, Europe, and finally Asia. I set out to find a remote job that would allow be to travel on the program. I signed a 100% commission job with a digital marketing job and set off at the first of February 2016 for an adventure of a lifetime. At the end of my time in South America, having finished the first four months of the program, I realized I couldn’t live off a 100% commission job and therefore had to make a hard but necessary decision to leave the program and embark on the next part of life.

Who I Will Become:

This is all yet to come. Hopefully a gainfully employed, happy, jet-setting girl. Travel will always be part of my life and will continue to be an essential backbone to my happiness. As they say, “whenever one door closes, another one opens.”



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