Don’t Cry For Me Argentina☔

As the time quickly approaches for us to leave our home here in BA, I decided it would be best to write down a few reflections I’ve had over the month.

When we first got to town most of our group was enamored by the bright lights of Buenos Aires. I found myself to like what the city had to offer, but did not think it was the bee’s knees. Yes, our little neighborhood of Palermo is wrapped up in cute cafes and rooftop bars, but for some reason the appeal wore off rather quickly for me. Blame it on being sick for practically the whole month or for Patagonia stealing my heart so early on.

BUT, let’s focus on some of the things I did like!


Currently the cafe I am sitting in and my favorite place in the city. It’s the go to place for brunch, baked goods, healthy sandwiches and salads, and supposedly the best iced coffee. They have great Wifi and a cozy atmosphere to work in.



A little French boulangerie with wonderful croissants, fresh squeezed OJ, and huge salads and sandwiches. They also have great Wifi and comfy chairs and tables to work at. Another one of the Remote Year staple places to work outside of the coworking spot.


 Fuerza Bruta:

Now I almost don’t even want to tell you about this show, incase you ever go see it. To put it simply, it is a postmodern theater show that will just absolutely blow your mind. You can only see it in NYC or Buenos Aires and I highly recommend it. I went twice, it was that good. I was told when I went to go in blind – don’t do research, don’t look up pictures just go. So I’m sorry in advance to burst your bubble but here the is the official trailer:


 La Recoleta Cemetery:

An old cemetery where all the graves are above ground. Even Evita is buried here!


A New Orleans style cajun joint. They make a mean fried chicken and gumbo! If you wanted to be surrounded by some fellow english speakers, it’s a nice change of pace. The space itself is pretty small, but it’s cheap, quick, and delicious!

 Bomba Tel Tiempo:

This is a local drumming event! The atmosphere is casual, the drumming is fun and people are dancing, drinking, and talking. It’s more of a socializing event than a show where you sit and watch.

 Lollapolooza Argentina!

We were lucky enough to be in town for when Lolla was here! The headlines included Mumford & Sons, Florence & the Machine, Alabama Shakes, Odesza, Marina & the Diamonds, and Die Antwoord. We didn’t have a great weather day, but I was primarily there for Mumford & Sons and they did not disappoint!


 The Speakeasy Bars:

Franks, Nicky NY, 878. My favorite by far was Franks, only because we had our own personal bartender, Tony! (Shoutout to you Tony!) Many had passwords and secret doors to get in, where others if you weren’t a member you had to have a dinner reservation to even be allowed to enter after.



All in all BA was a cool, hip, fun place to live. I definitely didn’t go hungry or thirsty, that’s for sure. Am I ready for a quieter, more routine, healthy lifestyle next month? Yes. So please, don’t cry for my Argentina.

People ask, what are you doing this weekend? My response, Oh, just moving to BOLIVIA.

See ya Sunday Bolivia. Better get ready for Remote Year 2 Battuta to invade! ♥♥♥




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