A Weekend Off the Grid

Today is a weird day. No, it’s not just that it’s Leap Year. As many of you know, but for those who don’t – my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. She had brain surgery, radiation and chemo all back to back and after a smooth recovery she has thankfully been fine since. However, a few days before I arrived to Uruguay her MRI came back with a new spot, which the doctors decided was a new tumor. Today she undergoes her second brain surgery in Boston, so for those reading, please keep her in your thoughts today as she kicks the ass of her second tumor.

To honor my mom I’m going to write about a weekend off the grid in a super hippy town called Cabo Polonio, as she would have loved this little, hidden gem.There is no electricity or running water and the entire town is located in a sand dune. We took a four hour bus ride from Montevideo where we then boarded massive 4X4 trucks that took us on a wild ride into Cabo.


A group us stayed in a little shack on the outskirts of town where all we had to worry about was kicking our feet up in the hammock and enjoying the warmth of the bonfire.


We walked around the town with the motto ‘no shoes, no shirt, no problem.’ 11201859_10208537822185707_8078019713303057834_n.jpg

The goal of this weekend: relaxation ✓ Our host made us homemade pizza as we spent the weekend getting to know each other better, playing cards, and singing 1990’s songs around the bonfire. Yes, that did happen and we absolutely don’t regret it.

When people asked me what I did this weekend in Cabo Polonio, I answer with; sunsetting [suhn-set-ing] verb: the act of watching the sunset with a beautiful crew of remotes. Now, cue the sunset picture montage:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Needless to say it was a beautiful weekend, with a beautiful crew of people who have made my life infinitely better in just these last four weeks. As I reminisce back on this first month and look forward to moving onto our second, I am reminded to always be thankful. Life is short, so always live it to the fullest.

Love you Momma, be strong today ♥♥♥


4 thoughts on “A Weekend Off the Grid

  1. That sunset is beautiful!! I am a little concerned about how you rode on those 4x4s. Seems a little sketchy if you ask me. You’re right, your mom would love this place. Wishing her all the best today. ❤ ❤


  2. Love it Hannah! Your mom is such a strong lady and you are an incredible support system for her. I am sure she is loving hearing about your amazing adventures =)


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