Punta Punta Punta del Este ★

These weeks are flying by. I find it hard to think about what I did yesterday, let alone last Monday. We are already into week three and I’m starting to feel like this is my normal life, but more importantly, that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. So let’s go back and take a glimpse at what happened this past week!

The beginning of the week served as a wind-down from the weekend. We “tried” to drink only water with dinner, but that lasted until Tuesday. OY. On Wednesday we had the chance to go to the Montevideo Brew House for a dinner and beer paring. We got to try six of their craft beers all of which I really enjoyed and checked in on the app Untappd. For you beer fans out there, download the app and friend me to follow along on my beer journey this year! The group had a blast here and is definitely a place to check out as they also have an Underground Brew Club.

Cheers to Remote Year Battuta!


Thursday’s highlight was a cooking class at Chef Martán’s home. He teaches cooking classes out of his home to groups and we were lucky enough to experience and taste some of his cooking. We got to pick the menu in advance and then we all got a chance to take part in cooking the meal. For our appetizer we made vegetarian rolls filled with rice, sautéed veggies, and cheese with an asian dipping sauce. The entrée was braised lamb with stuffed potatoes and the dessert was an inverted fruit tart with vanilla ice cream. Like true Uruguayans we didn’t eat dinner until 11:30 PM, but we throughly enjoyed every bite and had a blast creating our meal together.


Friday came quickly and we were off to the beach town of Punta del Este, which is known as the Miami of Uruguay. 11 of us rented an awesome apartment in the middle of town through Air B&B. The men cooked us an awesome dinner of chicken tacos and spaghetti bolognese, while we relaxed in the pool. I mean, doesn’t get much better than that. After, we got ready to head out into town and check out the local nightlife. We got to the bar scene around 11:30 and were told to come back at 2AM when the clubs opened. My jaw literally dropped and instantly I knew we were in for a wild night. To kill time, we made our way down to the beach.


Saturday morning (I mean afternoon) we woke up and decided to explore. The day was pretty overcast but we walked along the beach until we hit the famous La Mano sculpture. The artist was inspired to make a sculpture of a hand “drowning” as a warning to swimmers that the waters can be pretty rough and to be careful about where they are swimming. With a storm passing through Friday night, I saw first hand how big the waves can be.

We continued on to Bikini Beach, one of the more popular beaches where we were able to get some time in the sun in and a quick cat nap before another inevitable late night out.

There was a large crew from RY2 who came and stayed in a hostel for a surf trip so we all met up Saturday night and danced until dawn. We ended the night was the sunrise on the beach.


Sunday was road trip day! One of the guys rented a car and we decided to spend the day driving up the Uruguayan coast. Hungover and exhausted, five us piled into the car for QUITE the adventure. Our first stop was the town of Jose Ignacio, a tiny little beach town where we explored the lighthouse and climbed out onto the rocks. The next stop was Punta del Diablo, a much hippier, eclectic version of Punta del Este. The beaches are said to be even more beautiful and they certainly did not disappoint. We grabbed some food and had a bit more beach time before heading to our final destination…BRAZIL! We drove right in, spent about five mins out of the car taking a picture of the sign and got right back in the car, as the the little town was just a bit sketchy. The ride back to Montevideo was filled with delirious laughter, passed out new friends, and a sense of bonding that none of us will forget any time soon.


I can’t reiterate enough how awesome these people are and how lucky I am to be apart of this experience. My mini-vacation is over and tomorrow I start my job as Account Manager with Pixel It Labs, however this experience is just beginning and I can’t wait to see what it has in store. ♥♥♥

**Featured image is perro Mr. Ruff at Punta del Diabo taken by Rik Buddhdev. Photo credit for Spiderman and Brazil pic also to Rik Buddhdev.





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