Tick Tock… Tick Tock

I have 32 more days left in the United States. 32 more days to move out of my apartment, move back in with my parents, pack my life down into one suitcase, oh, and find a job!

Unfortunately the remote job I thought I had fell through at the end of November, so I have been on a diligent hunt to find a new job ASAP. Living the unemployed life has been great – getting up, going to the gym, then hunkering down in a cafe to apply to every job I’m even slightly qualified for takes up my days. As the departure for Remote Year creeps up on me I am feeling anxious to see if my hard work will pay off. I hope to board the plane to Montevideo, Uruguay with a job (considering I have already bought my one-way ticket) but even without a job, I’m getting on that plane in the hopes that it will all just fall into place.

When considering the facts, Remote Year is expensive! In whole the program will cost $27,000 not including the airfare from Boston to Montevideo and Ho Chi Min City back to Boston. So let’s call it about $30,000 for the year just in program costs. This includes a private place to stay in each city, all travel arrangements between cities, social and professional events, and some included meals. Then you have to consider wanting to say “YES” to just about everything. Hiking Machu Picchu – YES! Side trip to Patagonia – YES! Oktoberfest in Germany – YES! Thai island hopping – YES! I want to say yes to everything, but saying yes means money, so we see why having a job is important in this situation.

Then there is the issue of everything I had to buy to even prepare for the trip. I didn’t realize how much stuff I was going to need for this adventure. Everyone on Remote Year is opting for different things but here is a list of the things I have bought thus far.

  1. Osprey Sirrus Women’s Multi Day Pack 50 Liter- This will act as my carry-on, a weekend bag, and a hiking pack. I liked this pack because it is top-loading as well as side-loading. Meaning it opens up as a duffel bag rather than having to load it all from the top.
  2.  Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable Spinner 29 Inch – For most of my travels I have used Samsonite hard topped luggage. However, on Black Friday I found this suitcases at Kohls. The case itself only weights 8.6 pounds so it is super light.  Travepro was created by a pilot himself so the design is very travel friendly.
  3. Jetsetter Digital Travel Scale – All airlines have a very strict weight limit for all luggage. This small and portable travel luggage scale will help me make sure I stay within the weight requirements.
  4. World Wide Travel Adapters – I opted for two of these travel adapters. Although they are a little bit bulkier than some other models out there I like that you can plug in multiple things at once. It has USB ports and the one unit adapts to every country.
  5. Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit – This adapter kit will be for my MacBook Air.
  6. GoPro – I had been wanting one of these for a while and my parents were nice enough to get it for me for my birthday this year. I debated between this and a Nixon DSLR however opted for the GoPro because of its durability and lightness. It’s not something I am going to worry about breaking and it’s small enough to take everywhere!
  7. Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Headphones – Although the price is shocking, I am already so happy with these headphones. They are noise-cancelling and wireless. They have a 20hr battery life that will last on all plane and bus rides. The sound quality is superb and the functionality and design is super comfortable.
  8. Sea to Summit Drylite Towels – These towels are super light and come in a few different sizes. They dry very quickly and pack down. I invested in a medium and large towel.
  9. Sea to Summit Travel Pillow – This little guy packs down super small and will be convenient for the long bus and train rides where all I’m going to want to do is sleep!
  10. Lightweight Silverware – These was recommended by travelers on the first remote year currently on the road. You never know what your apartment is going to be equipped with, so better be prepared!
  11. Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer – This guy will be used to transport all my toiletries. Again, it’s super light and compact which is going to be key.
  12. EMS Women’s Prima Pack Insulator Jacket – Although throughout this trip we will be chasing summer, it’s always good to have a warm jacket. This jacket also happens to fold into itself and zips into a small, packable square.
  13. Basic Swiss Army Knife – Hey, you never know when you need to be prepared. This was also recommended by the current Remote Year travelers.

Quite the list, right? Although I feel prepared, packing for a year in 12 different countries is going to be quite daunting. For now, I am getting ready to say goodbye to my apartment in Somerville, MA where I have lived these past three years. I move out on Saturday (and haven’t even started to pack) and will move back to my parent’s home in Nashua, NH for the month of January until my departure on January 30th. For now it’s farewell to Somerville and although I am extremely sad to leave it behind, I know this next adventure will be every bit worth while.

For any recommendations on packing light or any remote jobs contact me via my blog. ♥♥♥


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