When One Door Closes…

Another one opens. This saying has not been more true for me than right now. For those who know me, you know I was working at a travel company for the last two and half years. This company not only catapulted my career but provided me with lasting friends and wonderful travel experiences. I knew that my role with them would not transfer into a remote role, so I made the decision to leave sooner than I imagined. Although this decision was bittersweet I had an opportunity fall into my lap that just might be perfect.

A family friend of mine just helped open this new, hip restaurant in South Boston, called Coppersmith and they were looking for an Operations Manager. Basically, they needed someone to come in and organize the crap out of them and I volunteered enthusiastically. I’m two weeks into the new gig and it has huge potential to transfer into a remote role once I leave, however details still to be determined.

For those in the Boston area, I highly suggest you come in and have a bite to eat or a drink and Coppersmith is a really great spot. Not only do they have indoor food trucks (yes, you heard right -indoor food trucks!) but they atmosphere and the craft beer selection are spot on.

I’m exactly 3 months away from departure and the pieces are perfectly falling into place, which makes this all the more exciting and REAL! The Remote Year 2 portal opened up this week and all the participants are in a frenzy getting to know each other through facebook and email. It’s crazy to think that some of these people will become lifelong best friends… ♥♥♥


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