Ready for an Adventure

Hi Everyone! My name is Hannah and this is my brand spankin’ new travel blog!

The news came last Monday when I was offered one of 75 spots on this program called Remote Year. This fact alone nearly blew me away. Let’s go back a few months ago when I first learned about this program. I was on Facebook scrolling through my daily dose of other people’s lives when I saw that a bunch of my friends had liked “Remote Year”. I clicked on the link and was transported to a page which laid out what is my dream life.

12 countries in one year. Moving once a month. Traveling with a community of 75 other people who share the same passions for travel. This all sounded too good to be true. I filled out their initial application, thinking this program had to be a scam. A few days later I was selected to complete the second round application process. This cost a bit a money and required a bit more effort. But hey, just in case this could be real, I filled this one out too. Some time after that, I was asked to do a Skype interview with a Remote Year staff member. Now, the thought of this program being a real thing was starting to creep up on me, but an interview surely wouldn’t hurt. Not even a week later I was offered a spot on the program, and this threw a huge wrench in my so-called life plan.

Up until now, I had a plan, or the basis of a plan. I was going to make a move, a big one in fact. Growing up and living on the East Coast my whole life, I knew it was time for a change. In January I was set to hit the road and make the trip cross country to Seattle. I was going to go without a job, without an apartment, but with a strong sense of will to transform my life. Now, Seattle has a little competition, but let’s be real, it was never a competition. Remote Year is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and for someone who can’t sit still, the perfect way to shake up my plan.

So what’s next? Well, getting a remote job would be a great start. The program leaves February 1st… so I have some time.

See below for the list of countries I’ll be traveling to! ♥♥♥

South America

1) Montevideo, Uruguay
2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
3) La Paz, Bolivia
4) Cusco, Peru


5) Istanbul, Turkey
6) Prague, Czech Republic
7) Belgrade, Serbia
8) Cavtat, Croatia


9) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10) Koh Phangan, Thailand
11) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
12) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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